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"Shaymar Video Productions Company" Hire US & Looking for TV Sponsors (Chicago)

Let Stan the "Greatest Barber in Chicago cut your hair! He located at 7858 South Jeffry Chicago, IL Advertise on TV like him !. Stan is the official barber of the TV show named the Underground Railroad TV show that comes on Comcast-TV, Can-TV channel 19 Saturday's at 10:30 pm. Support him and become a customer. Visit our website at https://www.shaymarmedia.com or call 1-312-884-9757. People that refer a customer will get a $10.00 finder fee after the transaction is completed it has to be mentioned when the transaction is initiated ( ( Started ) Become a sponsor like Stan did " The Greatest Barber in Chicago".You can meet your video production needs. You can visit " Shaymar Media Production website at www,shaymarmedia.com and or call 1-312-884-9757 Our services Video editing Burn DVD's & CD's Make a TV show and do the paperwork to submit to a local TV station ( In Chicago and other location ) Video Voiceovers or Narrations Filming events and gathering School Prom's Specials - Special Picices it will be Raw footage ( No editing included ) but a great price and value you will treasure the remembers for years and be able you show to your family and grandkids. Note# customers will get Free $20.00 worth of GOOGLE Adwords when they buy our Sliver and Gold Video production package if the video is put on "Shaymar Media Production's Social Media Platform ( Youtube, Facebook, and other Social Media )

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